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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of Field Trial Account
City QR Code entered an indefinite "Field Trial" period on August 5, 2011. During this field trial all listings could experience abnormal outages as unexpected runtime bugs are discovered and fixed.

Through a licensing agreement with Jeweler Websites, Inc., Retail Jewelry Stores who register on this website are granted full membership. If you own a retail jewelry store, once you have registered you should contact Jeweler Websites, Inc. at 973-413-8211 to have your account converted.

For all other businesses, a one year membership during is currently $47. Payment and participation during the field trial indicates your willingness to accept early outages and issues with the system.

$47 field trial membership is non refundable.

City QR Code Membership
Paid accounts are provided login access to edit all information showing in the PC and mobile versions of the website. Information may be updated at any time from either an personal computer or from a mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet. Android devices and Apple devices are supported for mobile updates.

Paid membership provides use of the QR codes that are associated with your account. Each QR code scan is tracked and you can see the scan reports in your account when logged in.

There are 6 types of QR codes:
1. Main Information
2. Review
3. Daily Deal
4. Special Offers
5. Feedback
6. Email Signup

Cancellation of Paid Subscription
Post field trial subscriptions will be paid monthly. Monthly service fee is yet to be announced.

You may cancel your service at any time before your next renewal without refund of current or prior months subscription fees.

Cancellation of your account does not deactivate the listing on the mobile website or the regular website; but rather it deactivates the use of the QR codes and history reporting of prior scans.

You will still be able to edit all the details of your mobile website and the PC website.

You may reinstate your paid account at any time to regain access to QR code usage and reports of the scans.

Removal of listing
City QR Code will not automatically remove listings for retail businesses, even if the monthly service fee is discontinued.

If you would like your listing removed from the website please contact (401) 400-2633 to request listing removal.

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