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What is a QR Code?
QR Codes allow your customers to reach into the digital world while they go about their daily activities.

Simply put you take a website address and convert it into a square barcode that a cell phone can read. Actually you have to load a QR Code application onto the phone, but that's easy to do on most phones. Then the person is able to snap a pic of the code and their cell phone automatically dials up the mobile website on their phone.

So how do you use it for business?

Here are some ideas:
1. QR Code in your window that leads to customer reviews.
2. QR Code in your window that leads to a special offer.
3. QR Code on your counter that brings someone to an opt-in page for a contest.

Depending on your business, we will present you with at least 5 rock-solid methods that will build customer relations.
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