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What do you get?
Our service provides the retail store with two types of websites. The first type is a normal web page that can be used as a landing page for small businesses. This landing page provides links to many other free online services ranging from Foursquare, Facebook, CitySearch, Google+, Google Places and a lot more. Users can post reviews on your landing page and those reviews will also show up on your mobile website.

The second type of website provided is the mobile website with associated QR codes that link to it. There are 6 different QR codes built into the system, each will direct users to specific parts of your mobile website.

You do not have to use all of the QR codes. In fact a good idea is to use some QR codes all the time and others can be used for special purposes.

iPhone screen shots are shown bellow with their explanations. The public user interface we give you is easy to navigate and you are able to update your information through backoffice pages any time you'd like.

Tech support is available if you need help updating your mobile website. The update process is simple and can be learned in only a few minutes.

City QR Code basic information screen sample
This is the basic information screen.

This is the main mobile screen.

This example shows 4 tabs: Info, Specials, Reviews and Map.
Each tab leads to other screens shown below.

The current store hours always appear in the dotted box and the user can tap the more link to see the hours for the rest of the week. (see below)

Your physical address and website address are also on this info screen. A full write-up about your store is available when tapping the see more details link.

The yellow box at the bottom leads to the email signup screen. (see below)

The gray box at the bottom leads to the feedback screen. (see below)
City QR Code Extended hours
City QR Code Extended hours.

This shows a screen shot of the main info tab when you expand the store hours.
City QR Code Store Description
City QR Code Store Description.

Here we see the full store description. This is what the user sees when tapping see more details from the main info screen.

Your description can include any XHTML code or links to other websites. You can also pull in photos hosted on your website or other services; just make sure you force their width no larger than 250px.

City QR Code Monthly Specials
City QR Code Monthly Specials.

Here we see the "QR Special Offer" screen. Users can view this page by tapping the Specials Tab or by scanning the QR Code associated with this screen.

The Specials screen is designed to show your current sale items, or perhaps your monthly specials.

The Specials QR Code could be used on direct mail, magazines and newspapers and it could lead the consumer to this screen for more information.

You can use any XHTML code on this screen for linking, formatting or showing images you pull in from your main website.
City QR Code Daily Deal
City QR Code Daily Deal.

Here we see the "QR Daily Deal" screen.

The daily deal was originally created for local takeout or eat-in restaurants that need to display their lunch specials. The idea is to print your Daily Deal QR Code on menus and refrigerator magnets.

When lunch come around and the stomachs are rumbling a quick scan of the Daily Deal QRC will show the lunch menu. Another quick tap on the phone number and they will be calling to place the order.

Retail stores could use this daily code for hidden specials that CityQRCode users will see. You could create entire marketing campaigns around your daily postings page to see how many people will bookmark it on their phone.
City QR Code Customer Email Signup
City QR Code Customer Email Signup.

Here we see the "QR Email Signup" screen. You can tap the yellow box on the info screen (see above) to get here or you can scan the associated QR Code for this screen.

You can control the message shown to the user. In this example is says "Please sign up for our emails. We are really great people!" Normally you should include a compelling reason to sign up. Email addresses are stored in your account and are easy to copy out.

The Promo Code field is an extra feature that provides tie-in tracking from other marketing campaigns. Within a direct mail, newspaper or blog post you could say "Scan this QR Code and enter this promo code to have the XYZ offer emailed to you." Customers can still sign up without a promo code, and only 1 active promo code is available at a time.

Within your account you are able to set the default "thank you for signing up message" as well as another message saying "thank you for signing up with a promo code."

Be creative, this one has a million uses.

City QR Code Customer Feedback
City QR Code Customer Feedback.

Here we see the "QR Feedback" screen.

Sometimes your customer is really upset and wants to know their voice is being heard. Wouldn't it be great if you could provide direct feedback to the manager on duty or the owner? This is amazing power given to your customers, and if used correctly is a whole new level of customer service.

One of our QR codes brings the customers right to this page. As you can see the customer is invited to put in their name and email, but their comments are required.

We'd like to see you print this QR code on your bags, napkins or anything else that will be in your customer's hands as they realize you have wronged them somehow. This is QR Feedback, or "Quick Response Feedback" at its best; where a customer can complain about their coffee, bad counter service, wrong orders, etc. The manager/owner can receive an email or text message with the details and take immediate action.

Imagine a restaurant with QR Feedback table tents. If the service is horrible or the food tastes bad the customer now has a direct pipeline to notify the manager on duty rather than trying to wave down the server.

On the other hand, a restaurant could run an internal promotion to improve server quality. Over the course of a month all servers could ask their customers to scan the QR Feedback and leave positive comments. The server with the best rating wins.

Be creative, this one can really improve your customer service!

City QR Code Customer Review
City QR Code Customer Review.

Here we see the "QR Leave Review" screen.

Spammed online reviews plague all review systems. CitySearch,, InsiderPages and MerchantCircle are loaded with reviews that cannot be verified or are fictional and self-serving. On July 21, 2011 millions of reviews were deleted from Google Places that could not be verified.

We give you a special QR Code to use only in your store. This QR code should never be published or printed on anything that can "walk" out of your store; that means don't put it on a business card or register receipt or even in the window. Instead print it on a sign for the inside of your exit door, or one at the cash register. Restaurants could also post it on table tents or have it printed directly on the back of the bill folder (aka server book).

Customers scanning this special QR Code are secretly tagged as "confirmed in store" customers, a status that's shown on the read reviews page.

Business can then advertise phrases like "Read our confirmed/verified/real customer reviews."

Restaurants could then post "Read reviews from previous patrons" with another QR code right in their window or on the outside street menu for prospective patrons to read the reviews quickly.

City QR Code Read Customer Reviews
City QR Code Read Customer Reviews.
Here we see the screen showing previous reviews.

The review shown does not say "confirmed in store" which means that person could have posted the review from the website or they could have posted the review from their smartphone without scanning the QR Review Code.

Each of the mobile website screens were designed to provide the consumer with the information they need at the exact moment they realize they need your service or have a question.
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